EWI of Chattanooga History

EWI of Chattanooga was chartered in 1987 by EWI of Nashville, with Ann Chapman serving as our chartering officer. In the summer of 1984 Nashville hosted the first function; a luncheon in one of the train cars at the Chattanooga Choo Choo to explain EWI. The room was filled with individuals from the various businesses and government offices in Chattanooga. From 1984 until we chartered, Ann Chapman traveled to Chattanooga on a regular basis to conduct coffees, wine and cheese parties, and other informal meetings trying to get enough members to charter a Chapter.

In late 1986 we realized it was difficult to get individuals to commit to an organization that really didn't exist. (Since we had not yet chartered.) So the core group of interested individuals got together and elected officers, set regular monthly meetings with speakers and charged dues. We needed 40 members to charter.

We were finally able to get 34 paid member firms, and Corporate EWI allowed us to charter on May 13, 1987, with 34 firms. Chartering night was a very impressive black tie event in the Silver Ballroom of the Read House with extensive newspaper and media coverage. The EWI Corporate President and other Corporate officers attended as well as a large group from EWI of Nashville. Other Chapters represented were Seattle, San Jose/Santa Clara Valley, Baton Rouge, Charlotte, Birmingham and San Fernando Valley. Also in attendance were representatives from City government, the Chamber of Commerce, executives from our members firms, spouses and friends.

We are very proud of each of our chartering member firms.
Last chartering representative still representing chartering firm: Catherine Cox of Lyndhurst Foundation.
Representatives employed by chartering firms who are still active in EWI: Fredia Higdon was with Delta Airlines and is now the rep from Chattanooga Bakery; Carolyn Stringer was with Constar and is now with Luken Holdings; Nancy Templeton was with the Lupton Company and is now a Life Member.


Two of our major accomplishments are the EWI/ASIST Jean Bradford Memorial Endowment Fund at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) and our scholarship at Chattanooga State Technical Community College.

Jean Bradford worked for the Chancellor at UTC. She was attractive and had a bubbly personality. At the Christmas meeting on December 12, 1995, Jean was wearing the pants suit she won at the EWI auction in October, and she delighted in going around the room modeling her special purchase. Jean, who lived with her mother, went home that night and complained of heartburn. The next morning her mother was concerned that Jean was still in bed and would be late for work. Her mother found her dead in her bed. EWI of Chattanooga, in conjunction with UTC, established a memorial endowment. We needed a minimum of $15,000 to establish the endowment and we agreed to complete our commitment within five years. Our scholarship at UTC is based on the interest this money earns, and through continued donations to capital is over $75,000 strong. In addition to the Chapter's contributions, Jean's two daughters and other individuals have also contributed money to the endowment.

In 1997 we awarded our first scholarship at Chattanooga State Technical Community College. In 2010 we awarded our first scholarship to Southern Adventist University.

We have contributed to our scholarship programs at UTC, Chattanooga State and Southern Adventist every year since they were established.

Additional Scholarship History

Nominating Committees through the years

Committees through the years


 Month  Program  Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Alison Lebovitz – “How can you make a difference in your community.”  Head Start
 February  Vicki nord Petzko, Ph.D., University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, “Learning your Strengths: Strenghts Finder2.0 by Tom Rath Bi-Lo Boosterplus Program
 March  Ronald Harris, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Director of Workplace Diversity spoke on “Diversity& Generational Differences”
 Spring Conference in Richmond, Virginia – Nancy Harrison, Michelle Withorn  

 April  Sharon Gilley, M.A., L.P.C. – WellWorthIt – Heart Health and Stress  
 May  25th Anniversary at Read House Silver Ball Room – Fashion Show by Yacoubian and Rone Regency along with Guest of Honor, Lisa Stokes, EWI Corporate President
 June  Dr. Mark Mendenhall, UTC, J. Burton Frierson Chair of Excellence in Business Leadership, spoke on Personality Types and Styles in a National and International Business World, at Executive’s Day Luncheon. Tennessee Chapter Forum, Nashville – Michelle Withorn, Ani Youcabian, Sharon Diegel, and Nancy Harrison on June 8-9, 2012
 July  Terry Massey, President of Ameristride spoke on Chattanooga’s Economic Future, Preparing for Growth  
 August  Kim White, President and CEO of The RiverCity Company spoke on “How to Effectively Network”  
September    Annual Meeting 2012-Dallas, TX (The Fairmont Hotel, 1717 N. Akard Street)-September 11-16, 2012)
Michelle Winthrop, Delegate
Margaret Browning, Delegate
Barbara Verhine, Delegate
Nena Powell, Alternate
Sharon Diegel, Alternate
Ani Yacoubian
Kerry Smith
Kristina Smith for Leadership Caucus only
Nancy Harrison
Catherine Cox
Larry Cox
Ani Yacoubian and Kristina Smith attended Leadership Caucus
Karen Hannifin installed officers
Margaret Browning, Catherine Cox, Nena Powell, Kerry Smith were awarded assistance to attend the LCAM in Dallas in 2012.
Margaret Browning appointed a member of the EWI Corporate 75th Anniversary Celebration in 2012.

 October  Installation of Officers
 Board Retreat held on October 12 & 13, 2012 at Brown Mountain Cabin, Talking Rock Creek Resort in Chatsworth, GA.  At tending was Ani Yacoubian, Kristina Smith, Barbara Verhine, Nena Powell, Cindy Ward, Tammy Loper, Melissa Gratias, Emily Kurlinski, Sharon Deigel, Michelle Withorn, Charlie Rosenquist, Kathy Lee, Margaret Browning, Nancy Harrison, Karen Hannifin, Catherine Cox, Debbie Toon, Zelma Pack
 November    Nancy Harrison installed remaining officers
 December  Scholarship Dinner


Month  Program Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Pat Harrington-HOPE: Job Support Ministry-“Walking with Others Through the Trials of Unemployment”  Head Start
The Chattanooga Chapter of EWI was nominated by Chattanooga Chamber for the Non Profit of the Year Award for 2011.  We lost in the competition.

 February Leslie Neal Segraves, DMiss, Co-founder & Executive Director of 10/40, who has worked with Traffic Stop.
 Bi-Lo Boosterplus Program
 March  Caroline Johnson, City of Chattanooga-Traffic engineering Division & Drivers Education Coordinator  
 April  Students from SIFE (Student’s in Free enterprise) at Southern Adventist University  Pecan sales
 May  Pat Harrington with HOPE: Job Support Ministry on “Walking with Others through the Trials of Unemployment” (duplicate?)
May - No Dirty Dishes raised $6,060. Heather Burrell won the Fine Dining Basket and Joyce Mathews of Covista, Inc. won the more casual dining basket.  (Margaret Browning and Penny Walker both sold $400 worth of tickets.)
 June  Jed Mescon, News Anchor of WRCB/Channel 3 – Executive’s Luncheon  
 July  Steven McCloud of Trident Leadership
 July - gathered items for troops overseas
 August  14th Annual Barnyard Auction

Annual Meeting 2011-Minneapolis, MN (Hyatt Regency, 1300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis)
Margaret Browning, Delegate
Michelle Winthrop, Delegate
Ani Yacoubian, Delegate
Nancy Harrison
Karen Hannifin
Catherine Cox
Tammy Hargis
Nena Powell
Kerry Smith
Barbara Verhine
Michelle Withorn and Ani Yacoubian attended Leadership Caucus
Lynda Childress installed officers
Nancy Harrison elected as Director on the Corporate Board in 2011.
Karen Hannifin, Nena Powell, Catherine Cox, Kerry Smith, Tammy Hargis all received assistance to attend the LCAM in Minneapolis in 2011.
Catherine Cox served on the Credentials Committee in 2011.
 October  Installation of Officers  Chattanooga State donation; Board Retreat held on October 7-9, 2011 at North Rivers Bend Cabin, Ellijay, GA.  15 people attended: Michelle Withorn, Ani Yacoubian, Lori Slatton, Nena Powell, Sandy Saylors, Kate Pinson, Sharon Diegel, Margaret Browning, Kathy Lee, Zelma Pack, Nancy Harrison, Nancy Templeton, Karen Hannifin, Carolyn Stringer, Barbara Verhine
 November  Marj Flemming, LaunchPont Leadership on “Mistakes Women Make in the Business World” UTC $11,000
 December  Scholarship Dinner
 Southern Adventist University $2,000


 Month  Program Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Julie Baumgardner, President & Executive Director of First Things First, “Finding the Balance Between Family & Work”  Head Start
In January, 2010, we applied to Corporate for the LCAM to be held in Chattanooga in 2012.  We were not chosen.
January, 2010–formed a new Philanthropy Committee.  Projects have included: Community Kitchen, Birchwood Elementary School, soldiers in Iraq, Health Care Center at Standifer Place and Friendship Haven at Rosewood, Room in the Inn, Community Kitchen, Hamilton County Baptist Association, Military Families in Iraq, “Share the Wealth Tree” at Creative Discovery Museum for Children, a tree decorated with mittens, scarves, hats, gloves and blankets and were donated
 to  The Salvation Army to distribute to the homeless; Valentines and decorated boxes for children at T. C. Thompson children’s Hospital for distribution on the meal trays; Flowers and Bulbs; etc.

 February  Dr. Bill Stacy, “The Leader Within You”  Bi-Lo Boosterplus Program
Several attended the Tennessee Board Forum (Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville & Memphis)

 March  Vicky Gregg, “Healthcare Reform: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”  March, 2010–Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling Company, & representative, Margaret Browning, was nominated for Lucille Johnson Perkins Award from the Chattanooga Chapter.  It was announced that Washington Trust Bank of Spokane, Washington won in 2010.

 April  Rachel Reeves, “Health and Wellness”  Spring Conference in Memphis, Tennessee, April 22-24, 2010 –Lynda Childress was a speaker & Carolyn Stringer & Nancy Harrison also went.  EWI of Memphis made a donation to the ASIST Scholarship program in Lynda’s honor.
 May  Dr. Nell Mohney, “What is Your AQ?”  May - No Dirty Dishes, sold 378 tickets, raised $7,740. Andy Gribble of EMJ won package & Carolyn Stringer sold 53 tickets & won $400 toward her LCAM cost. She also earlier won her Spring Conference registration in Memphis.
 June  Executive’s Luncheon, Anthony Munoz, “Lessons Learned”-He played for Bengals & established the Anthony Munoz foundation to make impact on area youth mentally, physically and spiritually. 
 Jody Hermann won $5,000 for the Deborah A. Taylor Scholarship for a undergraduate in June, 2010. (The Deborah A. Taylor Scholarship is awarded to the highest scoring applicant in the undergraduate category and is made possible by a donation from EWI of Dallas in honor of the 2005-06 Corporate President Debbie Taylor.

 July  Representatives from each branch of our Armed Services:  Captain Timothy Hernandez, Army; Sergeant Maurice Sabater, Marines; Seaman Brandon Askins, Coast Guard; Chief Dana Fleshman, Navy & Master Sergeant Anne Oakes, Air Force.
July - several reps participated in Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy Volunteer Day
 August Cindy Sexton-Channel 3-“Chattanooga, You and the Self-Fulfulling Prophesy”
 Sept - first annual donation to Southern Adventist University $2,000
Carolyn Stringer, Lynda Childress, Nancy Harrison, Kathy Lee, Jody Hermann,  Kerry Smith attended the Knoxville Chapter Chinese auction

 September  Installation of Officers for 2010-2011
 Sept - Reading Rally at Soddy Daisy Early Head Start with Joey James, Barbara Tawater, Kathy Lee, Kerry Smith, Kim Pendergrass, Margaret Browning, Charlie Rosenquist, Kathy Sok, Lori Slatton, Lynda Childress, Nancy Harrison, Kate Pinson, & Catherine Cox attending.
Annual Meeting 2010–Kansas City, MO (Kansas City Marriott Downtown–September 23-25)
Lynda Childress, Delegate
Margaret Browning, Delegate
Michelle Winthrop
Carolyn Stringer
Nancy Harrison
Barbara Verhine and husband
Catherine Cox and Larry Cox
 Margaret Browning and Michelle Withorn attended Leadership Caucus in Kansas City
Karen Hannifin installed officers
Carolyn Stringer, Corporate Advisor for Roanoke & Huntsville for 2009-2010
Nancy Harrison, Michelle Withorn, Carrie Harlin, & Ani Yacoubian were awarded various amounts for EWI Chattanooga LCAM Sponsorship in 2010 for attendance at the meeting in Houston, TX. (Nancy-$800; Michelle-$1,300; Carrie-$800; Ani-$1,500)
Carolyn Stringer of Luken Holdings won the top recruiter in all of EWI for the 3rd consecutive year, & won $100.
Catherine Cox was a teller at the Annual Meeting in Houston, TX in 2010.
Nancy Harrison elected Retention and Recruitment Director on the Corporate Board in 2010.

 13th annual Barnyard Auction at Doubletree Hotel.
 Oct - Barnyard Auction raised $16,938.85 including $2,150 raffle and $630 nose to toes; of this UTC received $11,293 and Chattanooga State $5,646; Retreat held on October 8-10, 2010 at Tennessee Lakefront Cottages in Rock Wood, TN. Attending were:  Margaret Browning, Nancy Harrison, Michelle Withorn, Ani Yacoubian, Lynda Childress, Kathy Sok, Zelma Pack, Karen Hannifin, Barbara Tawater, Charlie Rosenquist.
 November  Kasey Trenum and Kelly Thompson-Founders of Time 2 $ave–“Save More by Spending Less”  Pecan sales raised $1,075.60
Nancy Harrison & Catherine Cox attended the 1st Atlanta Right Price Auction on November 10, 2010.
 December  Scholarship Recipient Dinner  


 Month  Program Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 February  Dr.  Melissa Gratias, MBG Organizing Solutions, on “Everything you’ve always wanted to ask a professional organizer–but were afraid to know…”  Head Start
Lynda Childress & Pam Morris recognized as “Leaders in our Midst” by The Women’s Leadership Institute on February 3, 2009.

 March  Program on EWI and what EWI is all about or where we’ve come from & announcement of Lucile Johnson Perkins Award was on March 10, 2009.  Catherine Cox & Lyndhurst Foundation were the nomination for the Chattanooga Chapter.  Bi-Lo Boosterplus Program
March, 2009-Lyndhurst Foundation, & representative, Catherine Cox, was nominated for  Lucile Johnson Perkins Award from the Chattanooga Chapter.  It was announced that Allstate from Chicago won in 2009.

 April  Lisa Goolsby, Assistant Professor, School of Business & Management, at Southern Adventist University spoke on “Marketing of People: Creating Your Brand in Troubled Times” Catherine Cox nominated for the Head Start Family Services Division Person of the Year for 2008-2009. Head Start is a member firm of the Chattanooga Chapter.  The Soddy-Daisy Head Start has a reading room named in her honor.
 May  Kerry Smith, State Farm, a member firm, spoke on “A Woman’s Guide to Insuring Her Financial Future”
 Aug -  Husch Blackwell Sanders held their BBQ & the proceeds were donated to EWI. Michelle Withorn, Lynda Childress & Carolyn Stringer attended. They raised $1,500 on Saturday night alone.
 June  Stephen Byrum, PhD., President & Chief Executive Office of Bryum Consulting Group, spoke on “Living Fast Forward: Surviving the Stressful World We Have Created.” Executives meeting
 No Dirty Dishes fundraiser
 July  Lisa Nausley, Owner of Sandler Training spoke on “The Seven Deadly Sins; The Most Common Negotiating Mistakes”  Sold banner ads through website and ads at monthly meetings
2008-2009-Nancy Harrison was Corporate Membership Advisor to N.W. Arkansas & Charlotte, NC & attended meeting in Charlotte in March & LaFayetteville, Arkansas in July. 

 August  Cheryl Millsap, IOM, PHR, VP of Finance & Administration, Chattanooga Chamber Foundation, spoke on “VW and the Positive Economic Growth of the Chattanooga Region”  Pecan sales raised $1,520
Carolyn Stringer, Catherine Cox, Lynda Childress, Nancy Templeton, Kathy Bolton and Kerry Smith attended the Knoxville Chapter Chinese Auction on August 26, 2009.

 September  Installation of New Officers Sept -  Reading Rally at Soddy Daisy Head Start Center. Joy Martel James, Kathy Lee, Catherine Cox, Barbara Tawater,
 Margaret Browning, Tanya English, Kerry Smith, Nancy Harrison, Lynda Childress & Charlie Rosenquist attended.
Annual Meeting 2009–Louisville, KY (Louisville Marriott Downtown–September 23-25)
Denise Reed, Delegate
Lynda Childress, Delegate
Margaret Browning, Delegate
Jody Hermann, Alternate
Barbara Verhine, Alternate
Catherine Cox
Tanya English-she did not get to go-her son was very ill
Nancy Harrison
Karen Hannifin
Carrie Harlin
Michelle Winthrop
Lynda Childress attended Presidents' Caucus in Louisville
Tanya English installed officers
2008-2009-Tanya English & Catherine Cox on Corporate Reading Rally Committee
2008-2009 Carolyn Stringer on Corporate Membership committee
Carolyn Stringer won top recruiter in 2009, & her registration for Louisville Annual Meeting-2nd Consecutive Year Award)
Chattanooga Chapter was number three in the whole EWI Association for recruiting for 2009.
Carrie Harlin had her name drawn in EWI Membership Campaign for the Eastern Division & won 2009 LCAM Registration for Louisville.
Denise Reed won a 2009 EWI LCAM Stimulus Award for attendance at LCAM in Louisville, KY.
Nancy Harrison, Liaison Corporate membership Advisor to NW Arkansas & Charlotte Chapter
Jody Hermann was a recipient for Undergraduate scholarship for a $3,000 Fellows Scholarship, & Heather Burrell won $5,000 for Graduate Fellows Scholarship.
Nancy Harrison elected to the Corporate Board as Secretary of the Corporate Board for 2009-2010.
Catherine Cox appointed by Peggy Quinn to be a teller at LCAM in Louisville on
September  23-25, 2009.
The Chattanooga Chapter won the Tilley Award of Excellence for being the shining star chapter & the most upcoming in 2009.  We had a 95% retention in members and membership growth from 43 members in 2006 to 66 members in 2008.

 October  12th Annual Barnyard Auction at The Chattanoogan Hotel.
 Oct- Barnyard Auction raised $16,500 including $1,930 from raffle; $9.240.70 to UTC and $5,500 to Chattanooga State; Retreat held on October 16-18, 2009 at Wild Moon Ranch & Resort in Rising Fawn, GA.  Attending were Lynda Childress, Margaret Browning, Barbara Tawater, Barbara Verhine, Heather Burrell, Michelle Withorn, Kerry Smith, Frances Cannon, Zelma Pack, Nancy Harrison.

 November  Maxine Bailey, Co-founder of  Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy  
 December  Scholarship Winners


 Month  Program  Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Emily Thomsen, Wellness Coach with Health for You on “Making the Most of You: Taking Care of Your Most Valuable Asset”  Head Start
 February  Steve Lewis & Doug Bullard of Lattimore, Black, Morgan & Cain - “Tax Law Update & Tax Planning Tips.”
 Bi-Lo Boosterplus Program
February 20, 2008–Mandy Senn of the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce made it possible for EWI to have a booth at Chamber’s Business EXPO.  We had 15 members that volunteered their time.  

 April  Beverly J. Inman-Ebel, CEO of TCL, Talk Listen Communicate, LLC  
 May  Nell Money spoke on “We can all be Eagles & Soar.”  May, 2008–Mike & Nancy Harrison & Carolyn Stringer drove to Knoxville to present program on membership recruitment.

 June  Shelly Rucker of Miller & Martin & Kim White of Luken Holdings at Executive’s Luncheon.  May - wine tasting and shopping at The Galleries at Southside. Raised $830
 July  Ronnie Dodd, a 24-year veteran of Law enforcement master Class Shooter in IDPA, a B Class in IPSC & a winner of many state & local matches spoke on Basic Safety/Don’t Be a Victim at The Walden Club  
 August  Kelley Eblin, Republic Parking System and Dawn Benjamin of Tennessee Donor Services spoke at The Walden Club on Importance of Organ Donation EWI of Knoxville - chinese auction Aug. 20, 2008 - several representatives from Chattanooga attended.
 September   business meeting & installation of new officers
 Sept - Reading Rally at Soddy Daisy Early Head State with Joey James, Tanya English and Catherine Cox attending.
Annual Meeting 2008–Palm Springs, CA (Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa, Rancho Mirage, CA)
Tanya English, Delegate
Denise Reed, Delegate
Zelma Pack, Alternate
Jody Hermann,     Alternate
Nancy Harrison    , Alternate
Catherine & Larry Cox
Karen Hannifin
Carolyn & Scott Stringer
Bill Pack
Barbara Verhine
Margaret Browning
Lynda Childress
Denise Reed attended Presidents' Caucus in Palm Springs
Nancy Harrison installed officers
2007-08–Carolyn Stringer was the TOP recruiter with 7 firms recruited & won a $1,500 voucher to be used for LCAM in Palm Springs.
2007-2008–Nancy Harrison was Corporate Membership Advisor for the Knoxville Chapter.
2007-2008–Nancy Harrison, Margaret Browning were given assistance with their LCAM expenses in Palm Springs ($5,000–five representatives were helped)
September, 2008–Carolyn & Scott Stringer & Nancy Harrison performed did a role-playing skit in ways to recruit new members to EWI during a break-out session at LCAM in Palm Spring, CA.
2008-Nancy Harrison won a $3,000 Finalist Award in National Fellows Program for her education.

 October  11th annual Barnyard Auction at Chattanooga Choo Choo Imperial Ballroom with Kelly McCoy and Scott Chase of Citadel as auctioneers.
Oct - Barnyard Auction raised approx $13,861.16, including $10,667 to UTC and $4,620.46 to Chattanooga State; Board Retreat held on September 27, 2008.  Attending were Denise Reed, Lynda Childress, Zelma Pack, Nancy Harrison, Debra Gates, Karen Hannifin, Tanya English & Jody Hermann.
 November  Jim Brexler, President & CEO of Erlanger Health System on “Trends in Healthcare”. Pecan sales raised $1,000
 December  Scholarship Recipients Terri Etchison and Haley Hodges of Chattanooga State & Yesima Williams, Enice Thompson, & Sherrell Jordan of UTC spoke.  Representatives of both universities also attended. Peggy Quinn, Corporate President and Anna Hough both of EWI of Memphis, attended


 Month  Program Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 February  Coach Bill Curry from Baylor School
 Head Start
 March  Academy of Leadership on Tour–UTC– “The Power of the Diverse Communicator” (Module 2)–Lori Giovannoni (Chattanooga had 14 members participate) Luken Holdings hosted a reception at James Building the evening prior
 Feb - "Heard it through the grapevine wine tasting" at Milano's restaurant, tickets were $30
Tanya Travis & Nancy Harrison were on WUTC with Rabbit talking about Academy of Leadership–program was to air in mid-March.  Nancy Harrison & Denise Reed taped 4.5 minute segment with “This N That” which aired on March 9, 2007
Academy of Leadership on Tour held at University of TN at Chattanooga. UTC was a Partnership Level Sponsor.  Chattanooga Coca-Cola was a Premium Level Sponsor.  At the Patrol Level we had:  Chattanooga State, Fletcher Bright, Dr. Stacy of Baylor School, Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union & U.S. Xpress.  14 members attended:  Nancy Harrison, Tanya English, Catherine Cox, Pam Morris, Margaret Browning, Barbara Verhine,  Jody Hermann, Kelly McCoy, Priscilla Williams, Debra Gates, Lynda Childress, Denise Reed, Delores Lewis. I think 5 attended from Arkansas.  Speaker was Lori Giovannoni.
 April  Maury Nicely with Miller & Martin and author of Chattanooga Walking Tour &Historic Guide at TheWalden Club
 July - Caricature wine tasting at Gallery Cafe, 30 guests, raised $275
 May  20th Anniversary Dinner at The Walden Club, with Bruce Plante, Editorial Cartoonist at Chattanooga-Times Free Press.  He did caricatures of each chartering member.  
 June  Ann Coulter of Kennedy, Coulter, Rushing & Watson with a documentary film “One Road," about the Passage at Chattanooga’s waterfront  
 July  Dr. Amanda Wojtalik, Executive Director of the McKamey Animal Care & Adoption Center  July - chapter approved an expenditure of up to $2,500 to help as many people as possible attend the LCAM in Houston.  These fund were used for:  Carolyn Stringer, Jody Hermann & Melody Boggess  to help with their expenses. 
 August  Eva Dillard of United Way of Greater Chattanooga  Chattanooga State unknown donation and UTC $6,000
 September  EWI members came to dinner meeting at Walden Club & then went to UTC to hear Madeline Albright
 Quilt donated by Catherine Cox - raised $1,306, won by Rick Mincy
Annual Meeting 2007–Houston, TX (Hilton Americas – September 27-29, 2007)
Nancy Harrison, Delegate
Tanya English, Delegate
Denise Reed, Delegate
Margaret Browning, Alternate
Catherine Cox, Alternate
Jody Hermann
Melody Bogess
Kathy Fulgam, Derryberry for Public Relations at Convention
Lynda Childress
Carolyn Stringer
Barbara Verhine
Pamela Grant
Larry Cox, Guest
Tanya English attended Presidents' Caucus in Houston
Carolyn Stringer installed officers
2007-Nancy Harrison won a $1,000 Fellows Scholarship & received her medallion in Houston.
September, 2007-Melody Boggess, Jody Hermann & Carolyn Stringer were given $2,397.00 to assist with their LCAM expenses in Houston

 October  10th annual Barnyard Auction at Chattanooga Choo Choo Imperial Ballroom. Kelly McCoy and Scott Chase with Citadel were auctioneers
 Oct - Barnyard Auction - raised approx $17,000 including $9,700 from auction items and $1,990 from raffle table; Board Retreat held on Friday & Saturday, September 26 & 27 near Cloudland Canyon State Park. Attending were:  Denise Reed, Lynda Childress, Frances Cannon, Zelma Pack, Nancy Harrison, Tanya English, Jody Hermann, Karen Hannifin, Stacy Wheeler, & Debra Gates.                  
 November  Dr. Carolyn Newton Curry, gave an overview of women’s history  Oct - Reading Rally at Soddy Daisy Early Head Start with 17 children, 1 baby brother and 10 parents. Catherine Cox of Lyndhurst went to help
 December  Scholarship winners from UTC: Yesima Williams, Sherrell Jordan & Eunice Thompson & Chattanooga State’s Carol Denise Postelle attended
Turned in old cell phones and ink cartridges for cash (several years)


 Month  Program  Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Sgt. Minnick of Chattanooga Police Department on Identity Theft
 Head Start
 February  Beverly Cosley of Blue Cross Blue Shield spoke at The Walden Club  Bi-Lo Boosterplus Program
 April  Laura Shipley, Allied Arts  
 May  Trey Stanley, President of Trafalgar Development Corporation gave an update on Mayfair on Market & 700 block of Market Street
 June  Katie Schwartz, an internationally recognized corporate speech pathologist of Business Speech Improvement  
 August  Pam Womack of Curves  Oct - reading Rally at Head Start in Soddy Daisy
 September    Annual Meeting 2006–Orlando, FL (Disney’s Contemporary Hotel, Lake Buena Vista, FL – September 13-16, 2006)
Karen Hannifin, Delegate
Nancy Harrison (formerly Collins), Delegate
Tanya English Delegate
Catherine Cox, along with Larry Cox and Bertie Cox
Nancy Harrison attended Presidents' Caucus in Orlando
Carolyn Stringer installed officers
September, 2006-Tanya English (formerly Travis) was given $250 to assist her with LCAM expenses to Orlando
Catherine Cox, Corporate Fellows Liaison 2006-2007.  She served under Peggy Quinn from University of Memphis. 
2006 Denise Reed, Jody Hermann, Nancy Harrison, Barbara Verhine, Margaret Browning, Lynda Childress and Karen Hannifin are graduates of the Academy of Leadership.

 October 9th annual Barnyard Auction at Holiday Inn Chattanooga Choo Choo Imperial Room
 Oct- Barnyard Auction raised over $9,500; Board Retreat held on Friday & Saturday, October 18 & 19 at Blue Water Cabin in Dayton, TN. Attending were:  Tanya English, Nancy Harrison, Catherine Cox, Frances Cannon, Zelma Pack, Denise Reed, Margaret Browning, Lynda Childress, Suzanne Bidek, & Karen Hannifin.  Also attending on Saturday morning for the meeting were:  Kelly McCoy, Jody Hermann & Sheri Callaway.
 November  Maida Swicard of M.A.I.D.A. bodywork & yoga center  
 December  Scholarship winners Enice Thompson & Sherrell Jordan attended meeting. Annual - Chattanooga State $2,600; UTC $4,000


 Month Program  Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Ann Coulter, Candidate for Mayor of Chattanooga  Head Start
 February  Ruth Brinkley, CEO of Memorial Hospital. Ron Littlefield came by & spoke for a few minutes prior to Ms. Brinkley.  The Sanctuary $2,000
 March  Business Meeting was held at Spa Morrell on Fountain Square, a member firm  American Heart Association $2,000
 April  Carlos Cervantes, retired from Arthur Anderson & Co.
 April - donated 10% of raffle money to go to booklets “Healed of Cancer” for Outreach in honor of Kelly Puckett’s mother who has cancer.
 May  Dr. Bill Stacy, Headmaster of The Baylor School - at The Walden Club
 Parisian Charity ticket sales made $90
 July  Tour of Siskin Children’s Institute  Sept - donated books to corporate office to send to Louisiana.  Cindy Kendrick handled this book drive. 
 August  Mr. Hanner, Hanner School of Tae Kwon Do  Sept - donated door prize money to the victims of Hurricane Katrina thru United Way of Greater Chattanooga.
August, 2005-Frances Cannon presented with Life Membership

 September  Astrid Lucan, Co-founder & President of Chattanooga Spanish Academy shared a history of the migration of the Spanish language to America  Oct - Reading Rally at Soddy Daisy Head Start. Joey Martel-James coordinated
Annual Meeting 2005–Salt Lake City, UT (Grand America Hotel – September 21-24, 2005)
Kristine Hooker, Delegate
Karen Hannifin, Delegate
Catherine Cox
Nancy Harrison (formerly Collins)
Margaret Newton
Karen Hannifin attended Presidents' Caucus in Salt Lake City
Margaret Browning installed officers
September, 2005–Nancy Harrison (formerly Collins) was given $250 to assist her with LCAM expenses to Salt Lake City

 October  Barnyard Auction at Chattanooga Marriott ballroom, 46 raffle items
 Oct - Barnyard Auction raised approx. $7,000 including $844 from raffle items; Board Retreat held on Friday & Saturday, at Hidden Hollow in Lookout Mountain, GA. Attending were:  Nancy Harrison, Frances Cannon, Catherine Cox., Margaret Reed, Jodie Hermann, etc.
 November  Eva Dillard spoke on United Way & their role with Katrina evacuees
 Annual - Chattanooga State $3,000; UTC $3,000


 Month  Program Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Dr. Nell Mohney  Head Start - books and money donated by reps
 February  Dr. Richard Jackson of UTC  Rochelle Center $50 memorial donation for Susie Fagan from EWI of Nashville
 March  Britt Brantlley, Executive Director, Chattanooga Regional History Museum  Saddle Up $50 memorial donation for Susie Fagan from EWI of Nashville
 April  Maxine Bailey, Executive Director of Girls, Inc.
 UTC $4,000
 May  Judge Suzanne Bailey, Juvenile Court. She gave us a donation of $25.00.  Chattanooga State $4,000
 June  Michelle Lovatt, EWI Corporate Vice President, from Richmond, Virginia, spoke on how effective EWI can be; she grew up in Ringgold, GA
 May - 16th annual flea market, coordinated by Frances Cannon and Catherine Cox. Raised $1,727. (This could be our last one!)
 July  Tracy Johnson, Educational Specialists for consumer Credit Counseling Service of Chattanooga Sept - sold 646 tickets for BCDP scholarships, second highest ticket sales. Catherine Cox won a
$1,000 Tiffany’s Gift Certificate at the 57th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.
 August  Dr. Marcia Noe, Professor of English & Coordinator of Women’s Studies at UTC, spoke on Women’s Studies Oct - 4th annual Reading Rally. Joey Martel-James coordinated and Freida Higdon was the only other rep who attended.
 September    Annual Meeting 2004–New Orleans, LA (5 attended + two husbands) (New Orleans Marriott – September 23-25, 2004)
Margaret Newton, Delegate
Kristine Hooker, Delegate
Catherine Cox, Alternate
Sherrian Stinson, Alternate
Linda Harris
Larry Cox
Joe Harris and granddaughter of Joe and Linda
Kristine Hooker attended Presidents' Caucus in New Orleans
Carolyn Stringer installed officers
September, 2004-Sherrian Stinson was given $250 to assist her with LCAM expenses to New Orleans.
Catherine Cox, EWISP Corporate Chair in 2004-2005.  She served with Peggy Quinn from University of Memphis.  Catherine secured three judges for national EWISP Scholarship from Chattanooga:  Dr. Bill Stacy of The Baylor School, Warren Logan of Urban League of Chattanooga, & Eva Dillard, Executive Director of United Way.  The winner was from Phoenix, AZ.

 October  Barnyard Auction, 108 items for bid
Oct - Barnyard Auction raised $5,069, including $634 on smaller door prizes; Board Retreat held on Friday & Saturday, October 9, 2004 at Cohutta Lodge.  9 people attending were:  Kristine Hooker, Karen Hannifin, Margaret Newton, Zelma Pack, Sherrie King, Nancy Harrison (formerly Collins), April Oatts, Marvis McKeldin, & Kelly Puckett.
 November  Dr. Jack Pitkin, Senior Teaching Laboratory Specialist UTC Physics, Geology & Astronomy Departments spoke on latest planetary developments & happenings at the UTC Jones Observatory Catherine Cox donated a quilt for a raffle. Raised $975. Quilt was won by Susan Probasco
November, 2004-Nancy Templeton presented with Life Membership


Month  Program Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Marilyn Fisher, representative from United Way, & President of Parents’ Board of Chattanooga Girls Choir, an Allied Arts funded organization  Head Start $1,000
 February  Allan Lewis, MS, Director of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation at Memorial Hospital & Memorial North Park Hospital
Several reps donated books to Head Start     
 April  Chris Matthews, Chattanooga Technology Council
 Nov - 3rd annual reading rally at Soddy Daisy Head Start. Joey Martel-James was coordinator. Other representatives helping were: Margaret Newton, Catherine Cos and Freida Higdon. Chattanooga Bakery supplied Moon Pies.
 May  Eva Dillard, President of United Way  May - 15th annual flea market, raised $1,312.05
 July Dr. Billy Arant, Professor of Pediatrics at UT College of Medicine
 Sept - sold 617 tickets for BCDP scholarship luncheon drawing at Annual Meeting, even though no one from Chattanooga wone a prize this year, we came in 2nd in ticket sales
 August  Leigh Anne Bentley presented profile of her firm Moriah Group
 September  Barnyard Auction, 255 in attendance
 Sept - Barnyard Auction raised $5,600 including $634 for smaller door prizes; Board Retreat held on Friday & Saturday, September 21-22, 2003, at Monteagle Mountain family vacation home of Marilyn Fisher, who is not a member anymore but use to be with United Way, graciously donated this time for us.  Attending were: Margaret Newton, Kristine Hooker, Ellen Hazlewood, Nancy Harrison (formerly Collins), Hayley Mount, Denise Reed, Kim Enoch, April Oatts, Cindy Kendrick, Sherrie King, Frances Cannon, Catherine Cox, Nancy Templeton, Maryann Davision, Zelma Pack, & Carolyn Stringer.  (We gave Sherry King a baby shower while there.)
Annual Meeting 2003–Denver, CO (3 attended + one husband) (Adam’s Mark Hotel Denver – September 25-27, 2003)
Sherry King, Delegate (Not able to go)
Margaret Newton, Delegate
Hayley Mount, Delegate
Catherine Cox, Alternate
Larry Cox
Margaret Newton attended Presidents' Caucus in Denver
Carolyn Stringer installed officers
 November  Betsy Chesney, ToastMasters International  Annual - treasure chest value of $1,560, profited $396 won by Frances Cannon
     Annual - Chattanooga State $4,000; UTC $4,000; American Heart Association for "Go Red for Women Lunch" $1,000


 Month  Program Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  A “History of the Chattanooga Chapter of EWI” was given by Nancy Templeton & Carolyn Stringer.  Carrie Rachel, a guest from the Birmingham Chapter was present to share information on upcoming Leadership Conference in Birmingham May 2-4, 2002.  Head Start, Interfaith Ministries, Contact of Chattanooga
 February  Deborah Levine, Founder & Executive Director of the Woman’s Council on Diversity  Carolyn, Stringer, Catherine Cox, Frances Cannon, & Nancy Templeton walked on October 19, 2002, in
Heart Walk with Police Department team & raised over $3,000.
 April  Jim Cutler, Sales Manager, & Nancy Gray, Account Executive, for WOGT Oldies 107.9”  Reps donated Teddy Bears to Hospice of Chattanooga

 May  Edna Varner, former principal of Howard School of Academics & Technology, who later served as a consultant for Public Education Foundation; Ann Chapman of EWI of Nashville, who was very instrumental in the formation of EWI of Chattanooga, attended
 Annual - with Nancy Templeton's great work as Chairman of Ways & Means, we raised over $11,000 for scholarships to UTC & Chattanooga State

Spring Leadership Conference in Birmingham, Alabama on May 2-4, 2002.  (2 people attended, MaryAnn Davidson & Barbara Rasnick, who attended instead of Betsy Donahue)

 June  Leigh Anne Bentley presented profile of her firm Moriah Group; Alissa Henson, Chattanooga Spa gave infomercial

 July  Amy Clarke, Executive Director of Make-A-Wish Foundation
 June - 14th annual flea market - raised $1,241.03 donated to UTC & Chattanooga State
 August  Anne Curtis, Executive Director, Bridge Refugee Services (She is also Mother of the DellComputer “Dude” Advertisment.)  Oct - 2nd annual reading rally at St. Elmo Reading Center from 9am to noon. Marilyn Fisher and Denise Reed were coordinators.
 September    Annual Meeting 2002–Chicago, IL (Eight attended, plus 1 husband went early) – Hyatt Regency Chicago, 151 East
Maryann Davidson, Delegate                    Wacker Drive
Sherrie King, Delegate
Catherine Cox, Alternate
Carolyn Stringer, Alternate
Karen Hannifin
Linda Harris
Marilyn Fisher
Zelma Pack
Larry Cox went early but left on Thursday afternoon
Sherry King attended Presidents' Caucus and Academy of Leadership
Carolyn Stringer installed officers
Linda Harris, of UTC, appointed to 2002-2003 National Corporate Expansion Committee-one of 10 members.

 October  Barnyard Auction at Chattanooga Marriott
 Oct - Barnyard Auction raised $5,829.20, including $411 for smaller door prizes. $767 raised on quilt tickets (quilt donated by Catherine Cox and won by Dottie Jones)
 Karen Hannifin, Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union; also provided goody bag for all reps to put item from firm in
 Sept - We had two winners at BDCP Scholarship luncheon at Annual Meeting.  Kim Enoch won
“Cleveland Rocks” (value $1,545) & Geneva Smith won “Enjoy Wisconsin” (value $1,400).  We
sold 501 tickets & were 3rd in chapter ticket sales.)  (Geneva only purchased one ticket & won.); Board Retreat held on Friday & Saturday, November 15 & 16, 2002, at family vacation home of Marilyn Fisher, with United Way, in Monteagle Mountain, Tennessee, called “Walkers-in-The Woods.”  Attending were:  Marilyn Fisher, Frances Cannon, Catherine Cox, Maryann Davidson, Sherry King, Zelma Park, Denise Reed, Jan McAfee, Margaret Newton, Kristine Hooker, & Nancy Harrison (then Collins)


 Month  Program Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Robert Bernhardt, Music/Artistic Director & Conductor of Chattanooga Symphony & Opera  Head Start; board retreat at Gordon Lee Farms in Chickamauga, GA on February 4 & 5, 2001.  Attending: Zelma Pack, Ellen Hazlewood, Fredia Higdon, Kellie Lane, Carolyn Pool, Sherrie King, MaryAnn Davidson, Karen Hannifin, Martha Walsh, Beth Peters, Frances Cannon, Carolyn Stringer, & Catherine Cox.
 February  Sandra Rose, Marketing Director of Chattanooga Downtown Partnership  Apr - Some reps participated in March of Dimes WalkAmerica, raised $874

 April  Joel Hollis & Richard Carmack, Trust Officers for First Tennessee Bank  Reps donated Teddy Bears to Hospice of Chattanooga
 May  James C. Brown, Executive Director of Tennessee River Gorge Trust  May - 13th annual flea market at Rivermont Elementary School raised $1,628
 June  Carol Guest, Reiki Master, spoke on Reiki Energy Healing We gave $5,125 (plus $1,512 matching donation) to Jean Bradford Scholarship Program at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (representative’s matching gift) and $6,625 to Chattanooga State
 August  Tina Harr, Director of the Y.M.C.A. Metropolitan Services on the Chattanooga Youth Leadership Program
 Sept - Eileen Turner won a seven-day Alaskan cruise at Annual Meeting from BDCP Scholarship drawing (2nd highest value prize)  We sold 422 tickets for BDCP Scholarships.
 September  Linda Levan, Y-Me Breast Cancer Awareness  Oct - $500 to UTC
Annual Meeting 2001–Nashville, TN  (Five attended, plus 2 husbands) – Opryland Hotel
Zelma Pack, Delegate
Maryann Davidson, Delegate
Karen Hannifin, Alternate
Carolyn Stringer, Alternate
Catherine Cox
Bill Pack
Larry Cox attended Wednesday and Thursday
(Catherine Cox was on the Credentials Committee & because of terrorist attacks, was asked to be a Delegate & sit in for one of the Houston, Texas, members.)
Carolyn Stringer installed officers
 October  Barnyard Auction with 110 bid items
 Oct - Barnyard auction raised $6,923 (including $393 from smaller door prizes)
 November  Mayor Bob Corker  Oct - Catherine Cox & Carolyn Stringer, raised $2,215 for American Heart
Association Heart Walk; board retreat Saturday, November 17, 2001, at Executone on Amnicola Highway from 9am to noon.
     Oct - held 1st Annual Reading Rally/Make A Difference Day at St. Elmo Reading Center with 21 children. It was held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  Marilyn Fisher was coordinator.  We had 21 kids in grades K-2.  Other members helping were:  Denise Reed, Diane Perrell, Fredia Higdon, Zelma Pack, Betsy Donahue, Carolyn Stringer, Catherine Cox, Leigh Anne Lucas, & Nancy Templeton.  Nancy Templeton invited Officer Carlos Woodruff of the bicycle unit &
Officer Tonya Ransom of St. Elmo area spoke to the children.  Krystal donated lunch &
member firms donated items (Chattanooga Bakery, ELD Aircraft, TN Valley Federal Credit Union, United Way & UTC). The children were given new books to take home.
     $1000 to EWI of Nashville to help with expenses for annual meeting held there


 Month  Program Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Lieutenant Mike Williams, Swat Team Commander of Chattanooga Police Department, spoke at Ashley’s-Chattanooga Marriott  Head Start; board retreat Jan 26/27 at Gordon Lee Farms in Chickamauga, GA, attended by Zelma Pack, President Elect for 2001, Mary Ann Davidson, Diane Perrel, Ellen Hazlewood, Fran Harvill, Fredia Higdon, Kappi Brown, Margaret Newton, Catherine Cox, Sherrie King, Karen Hannifin, Nancy Templeton, & Frances Cannon.
 February  Vicki Steele, Chattanooga Lifestyle Center, spoke at Ashley’s- Chattanooga, Marriott  Pecan sales $1,043
 March  Infomercials by Karen Hannifin of TN Valley Federal Credit Union & Margaret Newton of Computer Consulting Group at Ashley’s-Chattanooga Marriott  
 April  Scott Moore, Human Resource Specialist for Bi-Lo, spoke at Ashley’s- Chattanooga Marriott  
 May  Christy McDonald & Jodie Brewer from Yessick’s Design Center spoke at Ashley’s- Chattanooga Marriott  May - 12th annual flea market at Rivermont Elementary School raised $1,835
Nancy Templeton was presented with a volunteer award at Chattanooga Police Department Awards Program on May 18, 2000.  She volunteers at the downtown precinct & also serves as secretary of the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.

 June  Olan Mills, Terry Blunt, Vice President of Human Resources at Ashleys, Chattanooga Marriott
Denise Reed of Concierge Level profiled her firm at Chattanooga Marriott
 August  Brigette M. Thurman, President of Junior Achievement of Chattanooga spoke at Ashley’s-Chattanooga Marriott  
 September  Dr. Bill W. Stacy, Chancellor of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, spoke at Ashley’s-Chattanooga Marriott  Sept - donated $125 to Corporate in lieu of baskets for annual meeting in Calgary
2000–Calgary, Canada  (Seven attended, plus 4 husbands)
Linda Harris, Delegate
Zelma Pack, Delegate
Fredia Higdon, Alternate
Karen Hannifin, Alternate
Frances Cannon
Catherine Cox, and Larry Cox went early but left on Thursday
Carolyn Stringer
Bill Pack
Scott Stringer
Devon Higdon
Carolyn Stringer installed officers
Catherine Cox, Chairman of the Credentials Committee, 2000 Annual Meeting in Calgary, Canada.

 October  Barnyard Auction, 100 bid items
 Oct - Barnyard Auction raised $8,116
 November  Vicki Cherry, Assistant Vice President/Senior Financial Consultant with Merrill Lynch spoke on “The Benefits of Tax Deferral” at Chattanooga Marriott The total raised in 2000 was $14,915: $10,000 to the Battered Women’s Shelter; $5,000 to Hospice of Chattanooga; and $1,000 to Chattanooga State, & a representative’s matching gift ($750.00) went to UTC


 Month Program  Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 February  Sister Adamarie Kost, of The Home Place, about their work with people who have HIV or Aids, at Ashley’s-Chattanooga Marriott
 Head Start; board retreat Feb 19/20 at Gordon Lee Farms, Chickamauga, GA attended by Karen Hannifin, Linda Harris, Zelma Pack, Martha Franklin-Walsh, Ellen Hazelwood, Joyce Underwood, Beth Peters, Frances Cannon, Nancy Templeton, Carolyn Stringer and one past president, Catherine Cox.
On February 10, 1999, Catherine Cox attended luncheon at Westside Community Development Corporation, one of our 1998 recipients, to accept an award from them for our contribution of $4,700.00.

 March    On March 3, 1999, Nancy Templeton, Catherine Cox, Frances Cannon, & Janet Crumley attended a ceremony honoring officers, citizens, & groups who have aided the police department in 1998. EWI had made the first public donation to Chattanooga Police Department Foundation to support education for police officers.
EWI (Frances Cannon) presented with a Citizens Service Citation on March 3, 1999, at Chattanooga Police Department.

 April  Julie Baumgardner, Director of Program Planning & Development for First Things First, at Ashley’s- Chattanooga Marriott
 Kids on the Block
 May  Tennessee Valley Travel Agency - West Oehmig, President firm night
 June  Bi-Lo, Kellie Lane and Scott Moore, Human Resource Specialist at Ashleys, Chattanooga Marriott
“Teamwork in Tennessee” in Memphis, TN at The Peabody Hotel–Linda Harris & Karen
    Hannifin attended.

 August  Chattanooga Police Department, Chief Jimmie Dotson at Chattanooga Police Service Center
 September  Barnyard Auction, 380 people attended & we had 144 items- Ken Hicks of US101 was auctioneer.
 Sept - Barnyard Auction raised $12,472.46
Annual Meeting 1999–Cleveland, OH (six people attended) – Renaissance Cleveland Hotel
Karen Hannifin, Delegate
Linda Harris, Delegate
Frances Cannon, Alternate
Zelma Pack, Alternate
Carolyn Stringer
Catherine Cox
Maryann Davidson attended Presidents' Caucus in Salt Lake City (month unknown)
Maryann Davidson took Academy of Leadership course
Doris Downey installed officers
 October  Betsy Whitaker, of Hospice, spoke at Ashely’s-Chattanooga Marriott  May - 11th Annual Flea Market at Rivermont Elementary School, record of $3,536 in sales
 November  Jim Catanzaro, President of Chattanooga State, spoke at Ashley’s- Chattanooga Marriott  1,053 books donated to library for "Make a Difference Day" literacy drive
     Chattanooga sold 200 tickets for B/C/DP Scholarship Program–Doris Downey won trip worth $3,000 to New York City.
     $100 brick for Ronald McDonald House
     Donations in 1999 went to:  $10,000 to Chattanooga Police Department; $5,000 to Home Place;  $5,000 to Hospice; $1,000 to Chattanooga State; and $1,400 to UTC (matching gift)


 Month  Program  Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Dr. Jeanne Scanland, Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, PC,-slide presentation on plastic surgery, at Town & Country Restaurant Jan - Donated used Christmas cards to St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis; board retreat Jan 16/17 at Gordon Lee Farms, Chickamauga, GA, attended by Frances Cannon, Nancy Templeton, Catherine Cox, Karen Hannifin, Beth Peters, Martha Walsh, Linda Harris, Barbara Morgan, Dotty Manis, and two past presidents, Carolyn Stringer and Doris Downey.
In 1998, Dr. Bill Stacy, Chancellor of UTC agreed to serve in the development & implementation of a sequenced series of leadership courses/seminars that will be offer to EWI Members by Corporate.  It is the Academy of Leadership.  The first class will be in 2000.

 February  Ms. Rosemary Mould, Clinical Nutritionist & Health Educator with Memorial Hospital, at Town & Country Restaurant Head Start
Catherine Cox, Member of Corporate B/C/DP Scholarship Program for 1998.
Nancy Templeton was chosen as Judge for the Corporate B/C/DP Scholarship Program for 1998.        

 March    Catherine Cox attended meeting on Wednesday, March 18, 1998, at Signal Centers to tell how Executive Women International partners with Head Start.  They were being evaluated by Washington’s Head Start Personnel.

 April  Chattanooga Marriott, Herman Tuck, General Manager firm night
 May Krystal Company, Philip H. Sanford, Chairman & CEO firm night at Chattanooga Marriott
 May - Tenth Annual Flea Market at Rivermont Elementary School-A record total of
$1,725.25 was raised
 June Mr. Bob Mitchell, Westside Community Development Corporation, Regina McDivitt, Family Violence Shelter of Family & Children’s Services, & Chief Jimmie Dotson, Chattanooga Police Department, all three are recipients of 1998 funds raised by Ways & Means, visited us at Ashley’s at Chattanooga Marriott
“Teamwork in Tennessee” in Knoxville, TN (Three people attended-Karen Hannifin, Nancy Templeton, & Catherine Cox)-held March 20-21 at the Holiday Inn Select Downtown, in conjunction with Women Today Expo sponsored by The Knoxville News-Sentinel

Oct - Donated 1,187 used books to Make A Difference Day at the  Bicentennial Library
 August  Kim Travis, “Men Are From Mars & Women Are From Venus” spoke at Ashley’s- Chattanooga Marriott  Aug - $1,000 to ASIST (UTC) and given to Ruthene Rivers
 September  Randy Webb of Randy Webb’s Futur/Fit spoke at Ashley’s at Chattanooga Marriott; also Nancy Templeton and Catherine Cox attended Knoxville's Chinese Auction and Nashville's Barnyard Auction
 $1,200 was given to Chattanooga State Community College & the recipient was Angela Roach, who was
also the recipient last year.; Annual Meeting 1998-Atlanta, GA (six people attended) – Atlanta Marriott Marquis, 205 Peachtree Center Avenue
Frances Cannon, Delegate
Karen Hannifin, Delegate
Carolyn Stringer, Alternate
Nancy Templeton, Alternate
Catherine Cox
Linda Harris
Frances Cannon attended Presidents' Caucus in Salt Lake City (month unknown)
Karen Hannifin, Linda Harris and Zelma Pack also listed (error?)
Zelma Pack took 1st session of Academy of Leadership
Carolyn Stringer installed officers
Catherine Cox, member of the Credentials Committee at the Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA in 1998.

 October  Our First Annual “Barnyard Auction” was held at Chattanooga Marriott. Sharon Saggio, Corporate Regional Director attended.

Oct - First “Barnyard Auction” - total of $9,100.29 was raised with 151 bid items.  (The highest bid bucket had $368.00)  Total bid money collected  was $4,934.00.  Taylor Stein was auctioneer & 305 attended.
 November Tennessee Aquarium, Kellie Burgess & Carla Sanderlin at Ashley's, Chattanooga Marriott
 Nov - Parisian Shopping Night, sold 192 tickets, profited $803
     Sept - We donated $500 savings bond to “Tennessee Basket” at Annual Meeting in Atlanta where the proceeds from  ticket sales will benefit B/C/DP Scholarship Program (The chapter donated 1/3 & two of our members (Frances and Catherine) donated 2/3.)  Catherine Cox was a member of this Corporate Committee for two years.  We also sold $1,000 worth of tickets to our members, & the members attending the meeting sold additional tickets on the baskets.  Catherine Cox also won one of the prizes in Atlanta.
     Pecan sales raised $757.20
     The Treasure Chest was a new project in 1998.  We raised $299.00 on selling keys, & it was won by Catherine Cox.
     Carolyn Stringer’s Mother donated a hand-made quilt in 1998 & we sold $535
     Total Ways & Means Projects raised $16,288.74 in 1998 for following three organizations:  Westside Community Development Corporation, Family Violence Shelter at Family & Children’s Services, & Chattanooga Police Department.  Each organization was presented with check for $4,700.00.


 Month  Program  Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 February  Dr. Stacy Boyd, Women’s Health Issues at The Walden Club  Head Start
Mona Allday was appointed & then resigned as Chairperson of the Regional Meeting in 1997.
Catherine Cox, Member of Corporate B/C/DP Scholarship Program for 1997

 April  Mrs. Pamper Garner, President of Quality Concepts at Chattanooga Choo-Choo  April - Ninth Annual Flea Market (We missed last year.) was held on Hixson Pike at old K-Mart parking lot We raised $1,612.40 (A record!!)
 May  Ten-year Dinner at Chattanooga Convention & Trade Center-North Hall with entertainment by Three On A String (cost was $2,200)
 May - silent auction raised $3,150
 June  Ms. Sidonna Tolliver, Psychiatric Group of Chattanooga at Mount Vernon
Kids on the Block; (no regional meeting held this year)
 August  Ms. Lee Nettere of Merrill, Lynch spoke on Women & Financial Investing Planning at Town & Country Restaurant  Donated 2,634 used books to Chattanooga Bicentennial Library in memory of Jesse Wooten, father of past President Sylvia Simpson
 September  Captain Janet Crumley, Chattanooga Police Department, spoke at The Loft; also Nancy Templeton and Catherine Cox attended Nashville's Barnyard Auction
 April - $500 to ASIST; Annual Meeting 1997-Los Angeles, CA (three people attended) – Century Plaza Hotel & Tower
Nancy Templeton, Delegate
Priscilla Williams, Delegate (Did not attend)
Catherine Cox, Delegate – took Priscilla’s place
Martha Walsh, Alternate
 Nancy Templeton attended Presidents' Caucus in Salt Lake City (month unknown)
Catherine Cox installed officers
 Digitone Graphics firm night
 Oct - Parisian shopping night raised $1,326
 November  Ms. Eloise Litz, Humorist spoke on “Generate, Grow, Glow & Do” at Chattanooga Marriott, East-West Room
 Aug - $1,000 scholarship to Chattanooga State; board retreat Nov. 21/22 at Oak Tree Lodge, Pigeon Forge, TN, 6 or 7 attended including Nancy Templeton, Frances Cannon, Catherine Cox, Martha Franklin-Walsh, Melinda McMasters
     Pecan sales raised $547.60
     Donated $3,000 each to Room in the End, V.I.T.A.L. Center, & Community Kitchen


 Month  Program  Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Kelli Besh from First American Home Care spoke on "How to Choose a Home Care Agency" at Chattanooga Choo-Choo  
 February  Tour of Chattanooga Heart Institute at 2501 Citico Avenue  Head Start
 March  212 Market Street; Susie Fagans, Corporate Regional Director attended
 April  Cindy Sims, Nutritionist, "How to Deal with Real Food in the Real World" at Mount Vernon Restaurant  Donated 600 used books to Chattanooga Bicentennial Library

 May  Tour of Harrison Direct, Harrison Fulfillment Services & Harrison Catalog Company In honor of Jean Bradford we established the Jean Bradford Executive Women International ASIST Scholarship Fund at UTC in her name after her death on December 12, 1995, with $9,500 donated in April and $5,500 donated in December for a total of $15,000 to start this scholarship.
 June  Dr. Mark Lee, “Stress Reduction” at The Walden Club  Regional meeting - Nashville, TN (3 people attended-Mona Allday, Alice Glenn & Pat Medearis) on June 7 & 8, 1996 at the ClubHouse Inn & Conference Center, 920 Broadway, Nashville
 July  Pem Guerry of RiverValley Partners spoke at The Loft on “Chattanooga’s Economic Vision on Sustainability”
Annual - raised $365 for Corporate EWISP Scholarship Program
 August  Tom Wengler, Dale Carnegie Center of Excellence at the Marriott in East-West Room  Sept - Participated in International Literacy Day & donated 600 books to Chattanooga Bicentennial Library-Nancy Templeton was Chair of this committee.
 September  Representatives of Mod Madigan at Fehn’s Restaurant
 Sept - Chapter provided gifts for "Tennessee" basket for 1996 Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas, for silent auction item. Annual Meeting 1996-Dallas, TX (four people attended) – Dallas Wyndham Anatole Hotel, 2201 Stemmons Freeway
Alice Glenn, Delegate
Pat Medearis, Delegate
Catherine Cox, Alternate
Melinda McMasters, Alternate
 Alice Glenn attended Presidents' Caucus in Salt Lake City (month unknown)
Sherry Lockett, Immediate Past Regional Director - Knoxville - installed officers
 October  Firm Night Tour of A-1 Data Storage Center  Oct - Parisian Shopping Night
 November  Second Annual "Shake, Raffle & Roll" Fundraiser at Chattanooga Marriott, with The Ascots Band, silent auction items & door prizes. Drawing for condo donated by Chris Stephens was held.   126 people attended.
  Nov - "Shake, Raffle & Roll" raised $2,215.00 for ASIST
 December  Mt. Vernon Restaurant - Susie Fagans and Sandra Fields, Corporate Regional Directors
 Dec - Donated the $125 collected on raffle items to Chattanooga Head Start; Kids on the Block - wrapped Christmas presents at Hamilton Place


 Month Program  Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Bruce Plante, Editorial Cartoonist for The Chattanooga Times at The Walden Club
 February    Feb - Sheri Lockett, Corporate Regional Director from Knoxville attended board meeting
Life Membership presented to Polly Kennedy on February 21, 1995.
Nancy Templeton asked by Mona Allday to serve as Chairman of a Long-Range Planning Committee for our Chapter in February, 1995.

 March  Tour of Challenger Center–UTC Firm Night  Head Start
 April  Suzanne Bailey, Judge, Juvenile Court at The Loft
 Sale of EWI decals & tote bags -Proceeds to go to ASIST Program 
 May  Chattanooga Times - tour
 June  Cruise on Southern Belle
 Eighth Annual Flea Market at old Red Food Store in Ooltewah, TN-raised $766; Regional meeting - Memphis, TN (5 people attended-Alice Glenn, Pat Medearis, Mona Allday, Diane Bowen & Melinda McMasters) on    June 1-2, 1995
 July  Nell Mohney spoke on July 11, 1995, at The Walden Club
 Sale of pecans raised approx. $1,000
 August  David Tugman, Partner, Miller & Martin spoke on "Wills & How to Prepare for the Future" at Mount Vernon Restaurant  Condo donated by Chris Stephens of Dimension Design, & won by Catherine Cox.  $900 in $1 tickets were sold, proceeds to ASIST.
 Erlanger Medical Center, Sylvester L. Reeder III, CEO
 Annual Meeting 1995-Washington, DC (four people attended)
Mona Allday, Delegate
Alice Glenn, Delegate
Catherine Cox, Delegate
Diane Bowen, Alternate
Mona Allday attended Presidents' Caucus in Salt Lake City (month unknown)
Polly Kennedy installed officers
 October  Lingerie Fashion Show by Catherine's Intimate Fashions at Chattanooga Times  First Annual Parisian Shopping Spree - Proceeds from $5.00 tickets to go to ASIST Program & 205 shoppers attended-raised $900
 November  First Annual "Shake, Raffle & Roll" Fundraiser held at Chattanooga Marriott. The Ascot Band, along with silent auction & door prizes.   160 people attended. 
"Shake, Raffle & Roll" Proceeds to ASIST. We raised $1,965 on silent auction items. November 11, 1995-Corporate Board Member, Evonne Siemer held training session for 1996 Board. 
 December The Loft
 Kids on the Block - wrapped Christmas presents at Hamilton Place; Sheri Lockett, Immediate Past Corporate Regional Director from Knoxville attended meeting at The Loft


 Month  Program Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 February  Patricia Wall, Associate Commissioner of SEC Women's Basketball at Trade Center at Ashley’s Gourmet Restaurant
 March  Chamber of Commerce–New Member Orientation  Head Start $100 for RIF books
 April  Officer Mike Williams, Street Safety, at 212 Market  Signal Centers, Inc. $100
 June  Krystal Company/ELD Associates - Krystal Farms with tour of tree farm
 Regional Meeting - Knoxville, TN (four people attended-Pat Madearis, Mona Allday, Diane Bowen & Melinda McMasters)  Held at Holiday Inn World's Fair Site in Knoxville on June 3-4, 1994
 July  June Scobee Rogers, Challenger Center, at Tennessee Aquarium (Firm Night)
 Seventh Annual Flea Market at K-Mart Parking Lot on Hixson Pike-(Raised $1,355) (15 members worked & 23 members contributed items)
 August  Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling Company/ABI firm night
 September  Jim O. Kennedy, Chattanooga Convention & Visitor's Bureau at Rivermont Golf & Country Club  Scenic Land School $100; Annual Meeting 1994-Honolulu, HI (seven people, plus one husband, attended) – Sheraton Waikiki Hotel
Sylvia Simpson, Delegate
Mona Allday, Delegate
Catherine Cox, Alternate
Geneva Smith, Alternate
Pat Medearis, Frances Cannon, Nancy Hicks, and Don Simpson also attended
Sylvia Simpson attended Presidents' Caucus in Salt Lake City (month unknown)
Carolyn Stringer installed officers
 October  Spangle Farm Tour  V.I.T.A.L. $100
 November  Fashion Show at Choo-Choo-speaker, Chris Stephens-her topic was “Interpreting the Language of Color."  

Fashion show proceeds to 3 organizations picked by membership out of Philanthropic Committee's recommendation (The AIM Center $1,500, Community Kitchen $1,500 & Room at the Inn $3,000); board retreat Nov. 11/12 at Oak Tree Lodge, Pigeon Forge, TN, 14 attended including Sylvia Simpson, Mona Allday, Frances Cannon, Alice Glenn, Melinda McMasters, Nancy Templeton, Catherine Cox, Carolyn Stringer, Anita Brandenburg, Julie Dodson, Geneva Smith, Eileen Locke, Pat Madearis, and Diane Bowen
December    Kids on the Block - wrapped Christmas presents at Hamilton Place
Life Membership presented to Carolyn Stringer on December 13, 1994
     Pecan sales raised $789.18
     (Total raised for all projects in 1994 was $6,616.70)


 Month  Program  Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Eddy Nicholson, "America's Rocking Chair Philosopher" - 212 Market Street
 Board retreat Jan 22/23 at Oak Tree Lodge, Pigeon Forge, TN, 13 attended including Polly Kennedy, Sylvia Simpson, Sue Gass, Mona Allday, Pat Medearis, Diane Bowen, Frances Cannon, Catherine Cox, Alice Glenn, Melinda McMasters, Geneva Smith, Carolyn Stringer and Nancy Templeton
 March  Sweet Adelines - The Radisson Read House  Head Start
 April  Parisian Fashion Show  Sale of Glamour Photo Sessions through member firm, Olan Mills, Inc.-raised $1,023.32
 May  Chattanooga-Hamilton County Metropolitan Airport  
 June  Tennessee State Senator, Ray Albright - Mount Vernon  Flea Market raised $425 - donated to R.E.A.D.; Regional Meeting - Nashville, TN (seven people attended-Nancy Templeton, Carolyn Stringer, Sylvia Simpson,
Catherine Cox, Polly Kennedy, Carole McNabb & Diane Bowen) Held June 18-19, 1993 at Belmont College with Nashville, Knoxville & Memphis Chapters
 July  Chris Stephens of Dimension Designs on "Color & You" - Narrow Bridge
 Donated three door prizes for TN state-wide meeting of the four Tennessee chapters
 August  Dr. Anne Johnson, Staff Development Coordinator, In-Service Education Department, Erlanger Medical Center on Assertiveness & Self Esteem - Erlanger Hospital  
 September  Ian Bodell with American Legacy (Merrill, Lynch Firm Night) - The Walden Club  Chattanooga Chapter donated Rock City birdhouse to be auctioned at annual Meeting in Tampa. Melody Broome-Akin won car at Annual Meeting in Tampa.
Annual Meeting 1993-Tampa Bay, FL (six people attended) – Hyatt Regency Tamps
Polly Kennedy, Delegate
Sylvia Simpson, Delegate
Catherine Cox, Alternate
Doris Downey, Alternate
Nancy Templeton, Alternate
Melody Akin, Alternate
Polly Kennedy attended Presidents' Caucus in Salt Lake City (month unknown)
Sue Gass installed officers
 October  Fashion Show at Choo-Choo.  Warehouse Row coordinated fashion show. Speaker was Linda W. Reese, R.N., Wellness Consultant.

 Fashion show proceeds to R.E.A.D. in amount of $2,075 
 November  Paul Neely of Chattanooga Times - Chattanooga Golf & Country Club  Nov - Sheri Lockett, Corporate Regional Director from Knoxville attended Executive's Night
 December    Kids on the Block - wrapped Christmas presents at Hamilton Place


 Month  Program Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Bill Penn, City of Chattanooga, Recycling - Fehn’s Restaurant Board retreat Jan 24/25 at Fall Creek Falls, TN, 12 attended
 April  Bill Robinson, Miller & Martin on "Living Wills" - Mount Vernon Restaurant  Flea Market raised $712.09
 May  Tour of newly-opened TN Aquarium–Sandra Fields, Regional Director from Nashville attended.  Girls, Inc.; May - Sandra Fields, Corporate Regional Director from Nashville attended Executive's night at Aquarium
Certificate of Merit to Nancy Templeton at Executives' Night on May 12, 1992.

 Delta Airlines gave away two tickets to anywhere in world-won by Diane Bowen of Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling Company held at Chattanooga Airport; also social at Gordon Lee Farms in Chickamauga, GA
 Regional Meeting - Atlanta, GA (three people attended-Catherine Cox, Nancy Templeton & Carolyn Stringer) Held June 6, 1992; Regional meeting - Nashville, TN (two people attended-Nancy Templeton & Carolyn Stringer) Held June 20, 1992
 July   Boat ride - Leonard Kinsey & Associates  

 August  Mary Schenck, Gemologist from Schenck Jewelry - Lakeshore Restaurant  Head Start
 September  Chattem, Inc. firm night
 Annual Meeting 1992-San Antonio, TX (four people attended) - San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter
Carolyn Stringer, Delegate
Polly Kennedy, Delegate (to replace Glenda Jeffers)
Catherine Cox, Alternate (to replace Brenda Kell)
Doris Downey, Alternate (to replace Diane Human)
Melody Akin
Glenda Jeffers, Delegate (did not attend)
Brenda Kell, Alternate (did not attend)
Diane Human, Alternate (did not attend)
Carolyn Stringer attended Presidents' Caucus in Salt Lake City (month unknown)
Eileen Locke installed officers
 October  Fashion Show on October 27, 1992, at Read House.  Spring Asher spoke on "How to be an Ace in the Workplace"

Proceeds to Battered Women's Shelter (Family & Children’s Services) in amount of $2,500.00
 November  Jeannie Conclin, Better Business Bureau -The Walden Club  Children's Advocacy Center $650
 December    Kids on the Block - wrapped Christmas presents at Hamilton Place
     Chattanooga Chapter of EWI gave to Corporate Scholarship Program a vacation package with value of $745.00 to be sold at silent auction at Annual Meeting of EWI in San Antonio.
     Bethel Bible School-$250.00
     Signal Center-$250.00


 Month Program Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Margaret Strahley Anderson of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga - Fehn’s Restaurant Board retreat Jan 25/26 at Jim Oliver's Smoke House in Monteagle Mountain, 17 attended including Catherine Cox, Nancy Templeton, Geneva Smith, Pat Tant and Carole McNabb
 February  Erika Halter, NuSkin, International  Fashion Show-October 17, 1991-Choo-Choo.  Aerobics as program. Raised $1,637.98 & proceeds went to Head Start–$2,000.00
 March  Mary Beth Sutton, Nature Center  Make-A-Wish Foundation $1,500
 April  Karen Hundt, Design Studio - Mount Vernon Restaurant  Flea Market raised $501.33; Regional Meeting - Jackson, MS (two people attended-Catherine Cox & Nancy Templeton) Held April 18-21, 1991
 May  Dennis Madden, TAPA - Lakeshore Restaurant  Donation of one-week's vacation at Hilton Head, NC, by Leonard, Kinsey & Associates to be used as fund-raiser.  We raised $1,067.00 & gave $1,000.00 to Make-A-Wish Foundation. 
 June  Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling Company firm night; also  Trip to Sylvia Simpson's house on TN River  
 July  Boat ride - Leonard Kinsey & Associates
 July - Sylvia Napier, Corporate Scholarship Director visited
 August  David Estabrook, Tour of Regional History Museum  Several representatives volunteered at WTCI answering telephones.
 September  Hunter Museum of Art, Tour   Lyndhurst Foundation matched a donation to Executive Women International Scholarship Program given by Catherine Cox for $110 in June of 1991.
Annual Meeting 1991-Nashville, TN (seven people attended) – Opryland Hotel
Catherine Cox, Delegate
Carolyn Stringer, Delegate
Nancy Templeton, Alternate (to replace Nancy Chastain)
Doris Downey, Alternate
Melody Akin, Carole McNabb, and Glenda Jeffers attended part of the annual meeting
Nancy Chastain, Alternate (did not attend)
Jack Murrah, President of Lyndhurst Foundation attended Executives' Night
Eileen Locke installed officers

     Several representatives volunteered as ushers at Chattanooga Little Theatre
     Volunteers for Girls, Inc. - updated email list - Catherine Cox
 December    Kids on the Block - wrapped Christmas presents at Hamilton Place


 Month  Program  Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 February  Larry D. Bentley, Arthur Andersen & Company  Nancy Templeton was appointed as a member of Corporate Public Relations Committee in 1990.

 March  Virginia Love, Caldwell, Heggie & Helton on "Wills & Estates" - River Landing  Head Start
 April  Vicki Cherry, Merrill-Lynch  Ronald McDonald House $200; Regional meeting - Birmingham, AL (four people attended-Doris Downey, Catherine Cox, Nancy Templeton, & Sylvia Simpson) Held April 5-7, 1990
 May  Kay Harrison, Time Management  Siskin Hospital $500 for Voice Shape Software
 June   Trip to Sylvia Simpson's house on TN River; also sometime in 1990 Nancy Templeton, Sylvia Simpson, Carolyn Stringer, Helen Martin and Mary Sprouse attended "Driving Miss Daisy" at the Cumberland County Playhouse at Crossville, TN
 July  Dixie Yarns, Inc. firm night; also covered-dish dinner at Catherine Cox's new house in Ringgold, GA
 Flea Market raised $627
 August  Arthur Andersen firm night
 September  Siskin Hospital firm night; also Nancy Templeton, Doris Downey and Catherine Cox attended Nashville's firm night
Annual Meeting 1990-Minneapolis, MN (three people attended) – Minneapolis Marriott, 30 South 7th Street
Doris Downey, Delegate
Catherine Cox, Delegate
Carolyn Stringer, Alternate
  JoAnn Maudru installed officers
 October  Nell Mohney, Speaker on "Smart Cookies Don't Crumble".  Proffitt’s did fashion show.
Fashion show raised $2000 for The Children's Home.  Also donated to Children's Home-$150.00-In Nell Mohney's name for her speaking fee at Fashion
 Republic Parking and Caldwell & Heggie firm night
 "Three On A String" at Chattanooga Choo-Choo and Dr. Major C. McCullough on Anthropology at Chattanooga Golf &
Country Club; also Nancy Templeton, Catherine Cox, Doris Downey and Nancy's daughter Kay Lang attended Nashville's Executive's night
 December    Kids on the Block - wrapped Christmas presents at Hamilton Place and $200 donation


 Month  Program  Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January  Karen J. Swenson, CPA with Arthur Anderson & Co.  Volunteers for Girls, Inc.
 February  Seminar at Proffitt's and JoKatharine Page, Girls, Inc.
 March  Lakeshore Restaurant - Robert P. Main, Siskin Hospital  Head Start $500
 April  Fehn’s Restaurant - Jack Murrah, Lyndhurst Foundation  Walnut Street Bridge for plank $250
 May  Olan Mills, Inc. firm night
 June  Mount Vernon Restaurant - Betty Loveless, EWI Corporate President  Siskin Hospital $2000
 July  Trip to Sylvia Simpson's house on TN River
  Chattanooga Red Cross (for Huntsville, AL) $400
 August  The Radisson Read House - Eileen Locke, Head Start Flea Market raised $445.35; August - Betty Loveless, Corporate President visited
 September    Annual Meeting 1989-Pittsburgh, PA (three people attended) – Pittsburgh Hilton
Bonnie Williams, Delegate
Doris Downey, Delegate
Catherine Cox, Alternate
Sylvia Simpson installed officers
 October  The Baylor School firm night
 Girls, Inc.
 November  Beverly Inman-Ebel, speaker for fashion show and Graham Hawks, TN River Gorge Trust at The Walden Club
 Fashion Show raised $2000
 December   Kids on the Block - wrapped Christmas presents at Hamilton Place


 Month  Program  Philanthropy/Fundraisers
 January Judy Compton, American Red Cross  
 February Jean Wheeler of North River YMCA spike on physical fitness  Head Start
 March Jeannie Miller, Chattanooga Convention & Visitor's Bureau
 April Terry Brock, Crossroads
 Flea Market raised $746.65
 May    Nancy Templeton and Darline McGinniss were judges in the Baby Olympics sponsored by the March of Dimes at Hamilton Place Mall
 June  Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce firm night
Jack Murrah, Lyndhurst Foundation
 Girls, Inc. $100
 August Karen McMahon, Associate Director of Chattanooga Venture & Phil Acord of Children’s Home
 September Harold Nevil, Crime Stoppers
 Annual Meeting 1988-San Francisco, CA-(four people attended) – Westin St. Francis at Union Station
Bonnie Williams, Delegate
Doris Downey, Delegate
Catherine Cox, Alternate
Diana Goodlett, Alternate
Nancy Templeton, Delegate (did not attend for medical reasons)
Geneva Smith installed officers
 November Jim Bowen & Bill Sudderth, RiverCity Company at The Read House
 December    Volunteers helped for two weekends at the Heritage Traditions March of Dimes; Kids on the Block - wrapped Christmas presents at Hamilton Place


Month  Programs  Philanthropy
 March  Diane Magnuson, Total Concept-Interior  Head Start
 May  Chartering Dinner–Read House  Regional Meeting - Atlanta, GA (two people attended-Catherine Cox & Nancy Templeton) Held May 14-15, 1987 at the Westin Peachtree Plaza.  Catherine won one of the door prizes-Lanier Pocket Recorder/Protégé Model
 June Constar International firm night; also shopping trip to Boaz, AL
 July  Pool party at Pat Howell's house in Red Bank (summertime)
 August  Kent Keasler, Miller-Reid Advertising  Crime Stoppers $100
 September    Annual Meeting 1987-Houston, TX-(three people attended) – Westin Galleria Hotel
Nancy Templeton, Delegate
Doris Downey, Delegate
Catherine Cox, Alternate (Appointed in place of Sylvia Simpson, Alternate, who did not attend)
Bonnie Williams, Alternate (did not attend)
Dawn Gannon was re-appointed as Alternate to replace Bonnie Williams, but Dawn did not attend

 October  Nell Mohney  
 November  Eddy Nicholson at The Read House-"America's Rocking Chair Philosopher" at The Read House  
 December    Kids on the Block - wrapped Christmas presents at Hamilton Place
     Delores Griffin, 1986-1987 Corporate President visited, unknown date


 Month  Programs Philanthropy
 June Dr. Theo Lemaire, Fortwood Center and Dr. Alan D. Hughes, Medical Director of Nuclear
 September Medicine at Plaza Nuclear Radiology at Erlanger  Head Start
 October Elbert Mullis, Jr., President of Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling Company Nashville Chapter's "Laughter" - -Attended by four (Nancy Templeton, Doris Downey, Catherine Cox & Dawn Gannon)
 November Mary Ann Schenk, Executive Director, Kids on Block- Noveita Wilson & Jane Isbell Kids on the Block - wrapped Christmas presents at Hamilton Place

Nominating Committees

1987:   Sylvia Simpson

            Diane Goodlett


1988:    Catherine Cox

             Doris Downey

             Diane Goodlett


1989:  Nancy Templeton

            Carolyn Stringer

            Sylvia Simpson


1990:  Nancy Templeton

Elizabeth Elrod

            Audrey Hayes


1991:  Bonnie Williams

            Audrey Hayes

            Pat Holdefer


1992:  Doris Downey

            Sylvia Simpson

            Carole McNabb


1993:  Catherine Cox, Chair

            France Cannon

            Sue Gass


1994:  Carolyn Stringer, Chair

            Catherine Cox

            Polly Kennedy

            Sylvia Simpson

            Mona Allday


1995   Bonnie Williams -  could not serve – so Diane was Chairman

            Diane Bowen

            Eileen Locke

            Elizabeth Elrod

            Priscilla Geyer


1996   Bonnie Williams

            Pat Medearis

            Barbara Morgan

            Priscilla Williams

            Sue Gass


1997   Sylvia Simpson, Chair                                                              ?????

Frances Cannon                       or Catherine Cox

Chris Reagan                    Karen Hannifin

            Eileen Turner                    Nancy Smith

            Sue Gass                       Carol McNabb

1998   Carolyn Stringer, Chair

            Martha Franklin-Walsh

            Karen Hannifin, from Board Members

            Zelma Pack

            Carla Sanderlin


1999    Catherine Cox, Chair

            Ellen Hazlewood, from Board Members

            Dotty Manis

            Janice Houser

            Eileen Turner


2000      Frances Cannon, Chair

             Fran Harvil

            Diane Perrel

            Priscilla Williams


2001      Karen Hannifin, Chair

Frances Cannon

Nancy Templeton

Freida Higdon


2002      Linda Harris, Chair

     Margaret Newton


2003      Zelma Pack, Chair


2004      Maryann Davidson, Chair

             Catherine Cox






2006-2007       Karen Hannifin, Chair

                        Catherine Cox

                        Tanya Travis


2007-2008       Nancy Harrison, Chair

                        Denise Reed



2008-2009       Tanya English, Chair

                        Lynda Childress


2009-2010       Nancy Harrison, Chair

                        Margaret Browning

                        Carrie Harlin, resigned, and Beverly Barto was replacement in


2010-2011       Michelle Withorn

                        Margaret Browning


2011-2012       Ani Yacoubian





Mary Sprouse, Parliamentarian

Patsy Hazelwood, Historian

Sandra Wright, Official Greeter

Janet Brooks, Budget

Jennille Hammer, By-Laws

Eileen Locke, Courtesy

Ruth Henry and Geneva Smith, Hospitality

Sue Gass, Philanthropy

Mary Caldwell, Public Relations

Priscilla Geyer, Roster

Darline McGinness, Social



Nancy Richardson, Lakeshore Restaurant, Parliamentarian (resigned)

and then Eileen Locke, Human Services Head Start took over

Gayle Shreiber, Graphics Plus, Historian (resigned)

 and then Jane Combs, of Proffitt’s  took over

Darline McGinnies, Tennessee Valley Travel, Official Greeter

Jo Ann Maudru, Chattem, Inc., Budget

Priscilla Geyer, Erlanger Medical Center, By-Laws

Barbara Feagans, Courtesy

Elizabeth Elrod, Textile Printing Company, Hospitality

Polly Kennedy, Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, Philanthropy

Patsy Hazlewood, South Central Bell Telephone, Public Relations

Patricia M. Howell, Pat Howell’s Printing and Resume Service, Roster

Sylvia Simpson, Arthur Andersen & Co., Social



Eileen Locke, Parliamentarian

Elizabeth Elrod, Historian

JoAnn Maudru, Budget

Mary Sprouse, Courtesy

Paula Tatum, Hospitality

Darline McGinnis, Philanthropy

Mona Allday, Public Relations

Patricia M. Howell, Pat Howell’s Printing and Resume Service, Roster

Nancy Templeton, Social

Linda Franklin, Telephone (she asked to be relieved of her duties during the year)

Elizabeth Elrod, Official Greeter

Nancy Templeton, Corporate Public Relations



Eileen Locke, Parliamentarian

Linda York, Historian

Geneva Smith, Official Greeter

Pat Holdefer, Budget

Elizabeth Elrod, By-Laws

Melody Akin, Courtesy

Carole McNabb and Kathy Dickerson, Hospitality

Charlotte Thompson, Philanthropy

Sue Gass, Public Relations

Pat Tant, Roster

Mary Sprouse, Social

Audrey Hayes and Sandra Wright, Telephone

Jean Bradford and Mary Butler, Scholarship



Sue Gass, Parliamentarian

Audrey Hayes and Diane Human, Historian

Vicki Cherry, Budget

Bonnie Williams, By-Laws

Priscilla Geyer, Courtesy

Millie Wilson, Hospitality

Melody Akin, Philanthropy

Frances Cannon, Public Relations

Pat Tant and Audrey Hayes, Roster

Mary Butler, Social

Sonia Futrell, Telephone

Jean Bradford and Diane Human, Scholarship



Doris Downey, Parliamentarian

Diane Bowen, Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling, Historian

Martha Corts, Official Greeter

Eileen Locke, Human Services Head Start, Scholarship

Catherine Cox, Lyndhurst Foundation, Nominating Chair

Vicki Cherry, Merrill Lynch Pierce, and Brenda Kell, Republic Parking, Budget

Nancy Templeton, Templeton Gifts, Bylaws

Sandra Wright, Huffaker Realtors, Courtesy

Geneva Smith, Chattanooga Bakery, Hospitality

Jean Bradford, UTC, Philanthropy

Frances Cannon and Nancy Hicks, Krystal Company, Public Relations

Freida Higdon, Delta Air Lines, and Stacy Nicholson, Roster

Mary Sprouse, Chattanooga Trophies, Social

Carolyn Harris, Miller and Martin, and Martha Corts, Telephone  ?  or Michael Ann Chapman, Blanche

                                                                                                            McKinney and Robin Willie

Liz Elrod and Rachel Reagan, Secret Pal



Eileen Locke, Parliamentarian

Diane Bowen, Historian

Brenda Kell, Budget

Polly Kennedy, By-Laws

Elizabeth Elrod, Courtesy

Geneva Smith, Hospitality

Catherine Cox, Philanthropic Chairman

Pat Medearis, Public Relations

Stacy Nicholson, Roster

Mary Sprouse, Social

Bonnie Williams, Telephone

Doris Downey, Chaplain

Pat Medearis, Assistant Treasurer



Geneva Smith, Budget

Alice Glenn, By-Laws

Barbara Emerett, Chaplain

Karen Hannifin, Philanthropy/ASIST/Scholarship

Nancy Smith, Courtesy/Social

Diane Bowen, Historian

Sherry Elmes, Hospitality

Melinda McMasters, Membership/Directory

Rochelle Bolton, Philanthropy

Mary Ellen Maycann, Public Relations

Jean Bradford, Telephone

Julie Dodson, 1996 Teamwork in Tennessee

Sue Gass, Special Projects



Linda Marcotte, Budget,

Pat Medearis, By-Laws, Standing Rules

Margaret Craft, Chaplin

Catherine Cox, Courtesy/Social

Geneva Smith, Historian

Dotty Manis, Hospitality

Melinda McMasters, Directory

Doris Downey, Parliamentarian

Nancy Templeton, Philanthropy/ASIST

Alga Andrews, Public Relations

Beth Varner, Telephone

Mona Allday, 1997 Teamwork in Tennessee



Brenda White, Budget

Priscilla Williams, By-Laws/Standing Rules

Paula Hise, Courtesy

Eileen Turner, Historian

Carole McNabb, Hospitality

Mary Sprouse, Official Greeter

Beth Gray, Parliamentarian

Ellen Hazelwood, Philanthropy

Beth Peters, Public Relations

Nancy Smith, Roster

Catherine Cox, Scholarship

Beth Varner, Social

Barbara Morgan, Telephone



Robin Young, Budget

Karen Hannifin, By-Laws/Standing Rules

Elizabeth Elrod, Courtesy

Joey James, Historian

Paula Hise, Hospitality

Shawna Mercer, Official Greeter

Mary Sprouse, Parliamentarian

Eileen Turner, Philanthropy

Kathy Thompson, Public Relations

Hazel Key, Roster

Priscilla Williams, Scholarship

Carla Sanderlin, Social

Brenda White, Telephone



Martha Franklin-Walsh, Budget

Linda Harris, By-Laws/Standing Rules

Janet Crumley, Chaplain

Elizabeth Elrod, Courtesy

Fredia Higdon, Historian

Lisa Hilliard, Hospitality

Catherine Cox, Nominating Committee

Sherrie King, Parliamentarian

Linda O’Brien, Philanthropy

Margaret Newton, Public Relations

Dotty Manis, Roster,

Priscilla Williams, Scholarship

Melinda McMasters, Social

Kellie Lane, Telephone



Catherine Cox, Philanthropy Committee



Ellen Hazlewood, Budget

Betsy Donahue, Chaplain

Katherine Burnette, Courtesy

Barbara Morgan, Historian

Karen Hannifin, Hospitality

Carolyn Pool, Parliamentarian

Frances Cannon, Philanthropy

Sherrie King, Public Relations

Carolyn Stringer, Roster

Janice Houser, Scholarship

Emma Palmer, Social

Brenda White, Telephone

Nancy Templeton, Reading Rally, who resigned and then Marilyn Fisher took over



Marilyn Fisher, Philanthropy

Nancy Collins, Chaplain

Denise Reed, Courtesy

Karen Hannifin, Public Relations

Fredia Higdon, Hospitality

Ellen Hazlewood, Scholarship

Brenda White, Budget

Priscilla Williams, Telephone/email



Ellen Hazlewood, Budget

Carolyn Stringer, Chaplain

Nancy Collins, Courtesy

Sandy Wright, Historian

Pricilla Williams, Hospitality

Zelma Pack, Parliamentarian

Leigh Ann Bentley, Philanthropy

Darcy Welch, Public Relations

Joey Martel James, Reading Rally

Zelma Pack, Roster

Leigh Ann Bentley, Scholarship

Cindy Kendrick, Social

Catherine Cox, Telephone

Fredia Higdon, EWISP



Jan McAfee, Scholarship/Philanthropy Committee

Karen Hannifin, Academy of Leadership Scholarship Committee

Catherine Cox, EWISP/ASIST Chair



Cindy Kendrick, Budget

Carolyn Stringer, Chaplain

Priscilla Williams, Courtesy

Nancy Templeton, Historian

Nancy Collins, Hospitality

Lisa Ackerman, Parliamentarian

Denise Reed and Kristin Hooker, Public Relations

Zelma Pack, Roster

Catherine Cox, Scholarship

Jan McAfee, E-mail/Telephone



Jody Hermann, Budget

Pam Womack, Chaplain

Priscilla Williams, Courtesy

Nancy Templeton, Historian

Tanya Travis, Hospitality

Barbara Verhine, Parliamentarian

Denise Reed, Public Relations

Catherine Cox, Scholarship

Denise Reed, Webmaster

AOL Committee

Nancy Harrison, Tanya Travis, Catherine Cox, Karen Hannifin, and Barbara Verhine



Lynda Childress, Budget

Delores Lewis, Chaplain

Priscilla Williams, Courtesy

Carolyn Stringer, Historian

Pam Morris, Hospitality

Karen Hannifin, Parliamentarian

Denise Reed, Public Relations

Brenda Waddell, Scholarship

Nancy Harrison, Webmaster

Joey Martel- James, Reading Rally



2007 – 20th Anniversary Dinner

Nancy Templeton, Chair

Frances Cannon

Catherine Cox

Nancy Harrison

Kelly Puckett

Lori Pruett

Karen Hannifin

Tanya Travis





Catherine Cox, Parliamentarian



Heather Burrell, Budget

Margaret Browning, Chaplain

Priscilla Williams, Hospitality

Denise Reed, Parliamentarian

Shirley Cudabac and Delores Lewis, Co-Chair

Kathy Lee, Public Relations

Joey Martel-James, Reading Rally Committee

Tanya English, Scholarship Committee

Nancy Harrison, Website/History Committee




Additional Scholarship History:

Below is the most up-to-date figures on the Executive Women International/Jean Bradford Memorial Scholarship at UTC as provided Tuesday by our Office of Financial Aid:


$1200 in 97-98 (2 awards)

$1200 in 98-99 (3 awards)

$1000 in 99-00 (1 award)

$1000 in 00-01 (1 award)

$1500 in 01-02 (1 award)

$4500 in 02-03 (3 awards)

$4500 in 03-04 (3 awards)

$3000 in 04-05 (3 awards)

$3000 in 05-06 (3 awards)

$2250 in 06-07 (2 awards)


$23,150 (22 awards)

Awards for 2007-08 have not yet been made.

Should questions arise, do not hesitate to contact me.




Bill Williams
Stewardship/Research Coordinator
Office of Development, Dept. 6806
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
615 McCallie Ave.
Chattanooga, TN 37403-2598
(423) 425-5307
(423) 425-4012 (Fax)


2007 Report

The Executive Women International

(ASIST) Jean Bradford Memorial Scholarship


The Jean and James Bradford Memorial Gift Fund

For the College Access Program (CAP)


            The Executive Women International (ASIST) Jean Bradford Scholarship has a current available balance of $1,063.20 for awards One more distribution is to be made this year and will be approximately $733.24, leaving approximately $329.96 carryover.


            The endowment has a current fund balance and a current market value of $56,536.39 with a book value of $73,799.14, according to the UT Treasurer’s Office.


The following are recipients of the Executive Women International (ASIST) Jean Bradford Scholarship for 2006-07:


Sherrell Jordan,

1611 W. 52nd St.

Chattanooga, TN 37409


Eneice Thompson

5331 Lee Avenue

Chattanooga, TN 37410



Sherrell Jordan is a sophomore and her course of study is pre-major, having not yet decided on a major. She has a GPA of 2.2. Eneice Thompson has not given written permission for her academic information to be released.


The Jean and James Bradford Memorial Gift Fund for the College Access Program is pooled with the Gift Fund in the CAP Department. Awards from the fund to a graduating senior on an annual basis and is also used for the general needs of all students in the CAP program. Such needs include reader equipment for use by the blind, membership in Books on Tape, and other special needs for students with physical or other challenges.



Below is a table showing the Executive Women International organization’s giving history to UTC for the scholarship established March 19, 1996.



Date                  Amount


Feb 21, 2007         6,000.00                                                                                           

Jan 10, 2006         4,000.00                                                                                           

Aug 24, 2005         3,000.00                                                                                        

May 5, 2004          4,000.00                                                                                           

Nov 6, 2003          3,466.00                                                                                           

Feb 21, 2003         4,000.00                                                                                           

Feb 18, 2002         5,125.00                                                                                           

Oct 17, 2001             500.00                                                                                    

Jun 20, 2000            750.00                                                                                        

May 7, 1999           1,400.00                                                                                          

Aug 20, 1998          1,000.00                                                                                          

Apr 17, 1997             500.00                                                                                          

Dec 11, 1996         5,500.00                                                         k                            

Apr 4, 1996            9,500.00                                                                                          




October 23, 2007




Executive Women International, Chattanooga has touched the lives of fourteen (14) women from 1998 through the fall of 2007.


Thank you again for supporting Chattanooga State students.


Joyce Stakely

Director, Institutional Development

Chattanooga State Technical Community College

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