What's in EWI for my firm and me?

Membership Benefits

Executive Women International addresses the business professional's quest for personal achievement and drive for professional development. EWI is unique among the myriad of associations in that the company, or firm, holds the membership, not the individual.

EWI offers many benefits to both the individual representative and the firm. Representatives who participate in EWI have access to a variety of events and programs. Their companies benefit through the professional connections and the recognition received as business leaders locally and internationally. Read what Chattanooga says about EWI.

Benefits to Your Firm

  1. Enjoy access to an international business base, discover new opportunities with other member firms, and increase local and international contacts
  2. Chapter and corporate activities offer events to showcase your firm's products
  3. Increase business relationships internationally through access to the Corporate newsletter, EWIConnect, and an international database listing thousands of decision-makers
  4. Increase local publicity through the monthly Chapter EWIConnect and network through the local Chapter membership directory
  5. Gain recognition internationally as a business leader through various EWI Corporate projects
  6. Become aware of current business and civic issues through EWI monthly Chapter meetings and philanthropic activities in addition to Corporate initiatives throughout the year
  7. Have the opportunity to provide quality professional development and continuing education scholarships for promising employees through various EWI events, programs, webinars (open to all firm employees), and scholarships
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    Member firms are welcome to use the logo at the left on their websites, in their email signatures and other appropriate locations. Click the logo to go to a full-size version.

Benefits to the Representative

  1. Gain leadership skills, develop professionally, and utilize personal talents through various committees or board participation
  2. Learn business skills through hands-on EWI programs and an extensive network of contacts
  3. Have the chance to obtain scholarships for continuing education through the Fellows Program
  4. Participate in the Academy of Leadership: a multi-unit program sponsored through EWI Corporate at various locations
  5. Connect to leading experts in business and career development by taking advantage of further professional development through webinars
  6. Receive professional development through webinars available to all member firm employees
  7. Become involved and participate in community service through the Chapter literacy initiatives
  8. Witness lives changed through local scholarship programs (scholarships are also awarded at the Corporate level, including the Fellows Program for Representatives)

Benefits to the Community

  1. Internationally our community involvement programs annually raise $400,000+ in scholarships
  2. EWI Literacy Initiatives touch thousands of community members each year
  3. The Adult Students in Scholastic Transition (ASIST) scholarship program and the Executive Women International Scholarship Program (EWISP) provide local scholarships through both the Chapter and Corporate levels
  4. How you can help

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