Report on Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting (LCAM) 2007 - report by Nancy Harrison

Monday, October 01, 2007 3:28 PM | Anonymous
This was a really big conference for me!

As outgoing President of a chapter, you sure have a lot of fun celebrating the completion of the year. Last year I was in Presidents caucus all day on Wednesday learning the drill with all the other incoming presidents …this year, I stayed in Chattanooga and worked until 2pm! (Maybe that's not such a good deal after all, but my boss was happy!)

Five of us flew in together Wednesday evening and met up with the others at a restaurant.

Thursday from 8 to 4:30 I attended my fourth Academy of Leadership module, the “leadership experience,” becoming the second member of our chapter to graduate from this series of courses. Zelma Pack and I are now eligible to attend alumni events – the next one is scheduled for the spring of 2009. Karen Hannifin lacks one class to graduate and Tanya English just two.

Thursday's lunch included a reading rally where children from a local classroom paraded into the room, shared lunch with us, and then went on stage and listened to a short story book while we all followed along on the screen.

Pin trading at 5pm was followed by the welcome party in The Corinthian, a beautifully restored building in downtown Houston. The local chapter put on quite a spread with a variety of entertainment; a live band, a few photo stations and caricature stations and what may have been the main attraction – Brad in his tub. This civil engineer was moonlighting as eye candy and getting his photo taken in a claw foot bathtub while handing out martinis and cosmos. This happened to be the same night Peggy Quinn, the corporate Education/Professional Development Director presented me with my beautiful medal commemorating the Fellows scholarship I won.

Friday we were up bright and early for our opening breakfast at 7:30. We heard from Simon Bailey who encouraged us to realize our brilliance and that we are all diamonds in the rough and ‘rubbing against each other' – learning from and mentoring each other – will just increase our brilliance.

We then heard Joe Marlotti of TimesFour give an amazing performance as he impersonated each of the four generations – traditionalist, boomer, gen-x-er and millennial. An incredibly entertaining and yet very poignant presentation, Joe brought out each generations' strengths and why we need to be supportive of one another even when we sometimes seem to be at odds. The TimesFour show was a favorite of many attendees.

Leaders Luncheon was mid-day Friday. We outgoing presidents introduced themselves to the assembly one by one and received a beautiful ‘diamond' paperweight. We sat together for lunch and as always it was fun to catch up on the year.

Friday afternoon two career track courses were offered. This portion of the weekend has been the weak link for at least the last couple years. But, I can hardly complain – it was just two hours out of a jam-packed three days.

Friday night we had a rare evening to ourselves. Some of our chapter reps went to the Galleria where we introduced the folks at the Kona Grill to the proper way of serving a drink they call the “woo woo.” They may still be talking about us.

Saturday morning we started the open forum at 8am followed by the delegates session at 9. None of the votes taken had been previously announced and all were routine, requiring no discussion. The corporate board was asked to look into a possible re-vamp of the by-laws, so next years' session in Palm Springs may be much livelier.

The annual meeting was then held, including the installation of our new corporate president, Wendy Cowley, and the rest of the corporate board. The location for LCAM 2009, after Palm Springs, was announced: Louisville, Kentucky!

We then went to the Scholarship and Literacy luncheon. Catherine Cox, as a corporate committee member, sat at the head table. I sat with the other Fellows winners. The EWI Scholarship Program (‘EWISP' - E-W-I-S-P - for short) winner spoke to us and as always left everyone impressed. She memorized her speech and delivered it like a true professional.

Saturday afternoon, with the annual meeting concluded, we again had a few hours to ourselves. We met at 5:35 for our chapter photo, everyone wearing their “Sunday best times 100!” I wore my ‘princess dress' and had so much fun. After attending the presidents reception, I joined the rest of our chapter at the closing dinner. We learned more about our new corporate president as she addressed the group and introduced her family. We were also entertained by a world class magician.

Sunday morning we headed home! LCAM is not relaxing, but the friendships and networking, the overall level of the educational offerings and the pure energy and excitement of over 500 “EWIs” in one room is worth losing some sleep over. See you in Palm Springs!

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